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Hi guys! Not that you all read these posts weekly but I just wanted to apologise for the delayed posts- it’s been quite stressful lately and every time I’ve set aside time it just gets filled up again so quickly! I hate April-June, it’s just SO stressful as I’m sure most of you know! So anyway, this week’s post was requested and after I thought about it, I figured it would make quite a useful post! I’ve been meaning to write it for a while but I really wanted to test a few different shampoos and conditioners out before I chose my favourites!

Best for strengthening/repairing- Paul Mitchell Forever Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner

The products are packaged in plastic silver tubes with printed black writing. The KerActive protein works deep into the hair shaft to help rebuild hair by sealing the hair cuticle and encouraging growth. The macadamia nut oil does not just smell amazing but also offers rich hydration that ensures hair remains soft and smooth. It is really gentle and is really easy to work into the hair as well as creating lots of bubbles! It is designed for blonde hair but evidently I have brunette hair. I have found that products designed for blonde hair tend to have transformation technologies that aim to strengthen the hair as blonde hair is usually prone to breakage and split ends, therefore by using this formula on brunette hair, it works in the same way. It doesn’t at all feel heavy on the hair and is super light keeping hair in great condition. It also works really well to untangle hair and keep it knot-free! The product leaves hair looking really healthy and glossy with a beautiful shine. You could buy this product and use regularly to gradually make hair grow stronger but could also be used as a go-to for when your hair needs a quick dose of protein or you need to calm frizzy hair.


Best for softening- Cowshed Cowlick Gentle Shampoo and Cowshed Softening Conditioner

The products are packaged in bottles with a printed pattern and cute names which each resemble a different ‘cow’ mood which I thought was a really innovative concept. I found that the Gentle Shampoo and Softening Conditioner worked extremely well together to produce super soft hair! The shampoo smells really fresh and delicate with extracts of lemon but is extremely thick and heavy and feels like it sticks to the hair strands when you lather it onto your hair and massaging it into the scalp is quite a struggle. Not many bubbles are produced and it feels like the hair is being stripped of naturally protective oil barriers so if left feeling dry. However, when coupled with the softening conditioner it works just perfectly. The conditioner is so easy to work into the hair and completely reverses the sticky feel of the shampoo to leave hair feeling super light and soft. Don’t be put off by the feel of the shampoo because after the conditioner is added the hair feels in such an incredible condition and so bouncy and lightweight.


Best for moisturising- Toni and Guy Nourish Shampoo and Conditioner

This combo is packaged in white bottles with really classy printed writing. The products leave hair gently cleansed and nourished as well as enhancing shine. The formula is really silky and is so easy and buildable creating plenty of lather to work into the hair- it produces such lovely foamy bubbles which smell incredible! It doesn’t at all dry hair our and gives a really fresh clean feel to it. It also doesn’t leave hair feeling flat and can encourage volume and bounce. Before you even add the conditioner you can really feel how soft and nourished your hair is and after using the products combined for just over a week, I really did notice how different my hair looked. It has been revitalised and left easy to style.


Best for volumising and brightening- Davines OI Shampoo and Conditioner

The packaging is quite basic but the product inside is just something else- who cares about the plastic white bottle! This product is cult because it’s formula is both softening and volumising as well as stimulating melanin synthesis, allowing hair to maintain its natural pigment. Another bonus of the product is that it protects hair from cellular damage caused by UV exposure and nourishes it leaving it feeling extra soft. The product is salon-worthy and promotes hair’s shine and manageability, therefore working as a top-quality product. The only annoying this is that you need quite a lot of the product if you want to create foam and bubbles but you do not need to create this in order to properly wash your hair. The product has such a beautiful, light scent which just makes me want to use it more! It may seem on the pricey side but rest assured a little bit of the product goes a long way.


Best for coloured hair- TIGI Bed Head Colour Goddess Shampoo and Conditioner

I’ve heard so many people talking about this range so I knew I had to try it! The packaging didn’t overly excite me, however I thought the product name was quite creative but nevertheless I wanted to give it a go. The product refreshes and cleanses hair whilst optimising colour vibrancy. I’ve never personally coloured my hair but I found that the product enhanced my hair’s natural pigment and nourished it, providing an oil defence against colour loss. The formula isn’t too heavy on the scalp and this is beneficial as it means the roots will not become oily between washes. Dry strands of hair are energized and restored and pesky split ends disappear into non-existence. The product holds a healthy glow and has the ability to work well on all hair types.


Best for cleansing- Pureolgy Hydrate Shampoo

The product itself looks really professional and expensive as the packaging is unique and the printing is of a high standard. Reading initially I was sceptical because after trying so many different hair products which have promised to restore my back hair to full health, none had really fulfilled this. Using drugstore shampoos over and over again are bad for your hair because the product just sticks to the hair strands and doesn’t shift unless you find a high quality shampoo that can shift it- and this product does exactly that! I use it about once at the end of each month just to strip the hair of all its fakeness and hydrate it. This mild cleansing system doesn’t strip the hairs colour but works to optimise colour retention and product light, luscious locks. Once you have washed your hair with this, you need a conditioner to soften it as like the Cowlick Gentle Shampoo, it feels like it sticks to your hair but once your hair has been washed you can really feel it lift and volumise. I cannot recommend this product enough as it saved my hair from horrible chemical build up!


So there’s a quick talk through my favourite shampoos and conditioners and for what reason I might use them. I hope this has helped some of you as we’re all the same, wanting a new shampoo and not knowing what to get- there’s just too many on the market to choose from! I hope you have had a good week and good luck revising if you’re in the same boat as me! Please let me know in the comments or in person what your favourite shampoo and conditioners are because I really would like to invest in a new one for summer! Thanks for reading and be sure to like/subscribe!




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