Brighton Weekend

Hi guys! Eeeek I’m 18! That’s just crazy! I’m going to do a birthday haul/ first impressions blog post sometime in the next couple of weeks but as you know I was in Brighton last weekend and I just wanted to quickly tell you why I loved it so much and why if you haven’t been, you need too!

So on Saturday morning I went to Sussex Uni on their applicant day as I’m currently considering them as one of my university choices. It’s a really lovely, welcoming campus with lots of green spaces and I generally just liked the vibe. Then I got the 25 bus into Brighton town and first took to the North Laines. These are quirky, colourful lanes full of individual shops selling a whole array of things and the shops are just really nice to browse in as there’s so much to see! On the walk to the Laines I passed Brighton Pavilion and the Cultural Quarter which were incredible sights! The area just has a great atmosphere and you are definitely spoilt for choice when it comes to cafes! I had lunch in a vegetarian canteen-style restaurant called Iydea and I was a bit apprehensive at first because I’m not vegetarian and I don’t tend to choose this type of food to eat. But as I was in Brighton I felt like being spontaneous so there we have it! It’s a really clever idea, like an old-school canteen, you choose a main, two sides and two toppings, but what I really liked about it was how fresh it was and that was especially noticeable in the taste and quality of the meals. I would definitely eat there again! So my general feel of the North Laines was lots of interesting little shops, offbeat at times and plenty of nice eateries to suit all budgets and tastes! It really captures the essential essence of Brighton!

During late Saturday afternoon I headed down to the world renound pebbled beach. I took a nice walk along the sea front and saw many exquisite sights. It’s such a fun, hustling and vibrant place to visit. The sound of the waves hitting the beach as I walked along this beautiful long stretch of coastline was what made Brighton a must in my books as it’s honestly such a magical place for both body and soul. It totally relaxes you and makes you feel so chilled out its unreal. I took a few shots of the pier and beach before heading back to my Cousin Abigail’s house to stay the night. On the way back to her house I saw a road full of colourful tall town houses and it was astonishing! I wish people round my way were as creative, brave and out there as the Brighton folk! I love their style and way of doing things! So we just had a chilled night together and then in the morning I set back off into the town!

First thing on my agenda for Sunday morning was taking some snaps whilst the sun was out and we had a little bit of blue sky! So I got the same bus back down to the sea front and took a stroll up the beach. I then decided I wouldn’t be able to say I’d fully seen Brighton unless I had been on the pier, so I walked right to the end of the pier and back again, admiring all of the creative stalls and games as I went. The seagulls perched on the pier railings were incredible and I can remember just turning around to face the town at the end of the pier and it was honestly a picture no photograph could fully capture. It was stunning. If you’ve ever had a similar experience of Brighton you’ll know what I mean when I say you’ll have to see it with your own eyes to fully understand what I mean. After my little pier adventure I decided it was only right to go and see the beach huts down the Hove end of the beach. The beach huts are so colourful and sit in a long row all eccentric, original and pretty to look at! I then came back to Brighton town and decided to look in the South Lanes. These Lanes are home to some unique shops but also some main stream higher end type shops such as MAC and Bobbi Brown. There is also a massive shopping centre nearby but I felt no urge to shop there considering I had all this in front of me. I could literally spend ages wondering up and down the narrow cobbled streets of Brighton. Whilst in the South Lanes I made it my mission to find Choccywoccydoodah which I’ve heard a lot about so I had high expectations but I was not in the slightest disappointed! Firstly the window display was spectacular! I don’t think I’ve ever quite seen anything like it! Normally there is such a long wait but I obviously lucked in as I got seated practically straight away. I had a hot chocolate and it was the best hot chocolate I think I’ve ever had. The music was really loud and funky and the staff were super friendly and relaxed it was so nice! I would definitely recommend it and I will more than definitely be going back.

So then I decided to venture back to the North Laines and have a better look inside some of the quirky little shops. I had such a wide variety of choices for shopping for clothing, memorabilia or eating out. Working my way around from Bond Street to Sydney Street I stumbled across Blue Bird Tea Company, a shop I had actually intended on visiting during my trip. I had a strawberry lemonade tea as well as trying some of their samples and it was so delish! I spent most of the afternoon just mooching around the lanes and then took one last look at the sea front before heading back home. I could honestly have stayed here so much longer than I did and I wish I had because I had always wanted to go to Brighton and now I have I just want to go back again and again!

I hope you liked my little summary of my weekend in Brighton. Have you ever been or do you know any places I might like to consider visiting? Please let me know! Hope you’ve had a good week and see you next week for my March favourites! Thank you for the birthday messages.




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