Mini KIKO Haul

Hi guys, hope you’ve had a good week! So a few weeks ago I went shopping (surprise surprise) at a local high-street shopping centre and guess what store had just opened?! KIKO COSMETICS! That’s right KIKO, as in the brand from Milan, as in all the way from Italy is right here in front of my very eyes! Honestly my face when I saw it was a picture! So as I mooched around the store I picked up a few little bits and I’ve been testing them out over the past few weeks and now it’s time to tell you my verdict!

So the first thing that caught my attention was the All Stars Face Palette. I love seeing new KIKO Collections and this palette was part of the Campus Idol collection that has been brought out in 2016 and the inspiration for this imaginative collection is based around American Colleges. This palette caught my eye because it’s quirky and fun with bright colours which instantly animate your mood. The palette comes in two colours but I opted for the lighter coloured palette in the shade 01 Pretty Rose. It consists of a bronzer, blush and highlighter all of which are so soft and super easy to blend. The bronzer carries a warm tone to it and produces a matte finish which looks really natural so contouring can be achieved without being too heavy on the face, so if you’re new to contour and want to start or have a play around with it then this is definitely a good one for you. The blush is highly pigmented which is great and is guarantees healthy looking smooth skin as well as adding a touch of colour. The highlighter is light-enhancing and works well to define important features and create an overall illuminate complexion. The size is really practical and suitable for travelling. The only thing I don’t particularly like is the chalky feel each compact has or the packaging as its cardboard and I prefer individual products to palette-type make up items but that being said, it has a lot of positives and I do like it.


The next thing I picked up was the Precision Eyeliner in the shade black. I spent literally forever choosing this eyeliner as the collection of eyeliners they have is just unbelievable but in the end I opted for this one because I remembered reading a review about it and thinking, I know, when my eyeliner runs out I’ll try this- so that’s what I did! It comes in a black 2.5ml bottle and the applicator is felt-tip style- pretty standard and simple. The product itself is designed well and the applicator is easy to use and it allows you to have total control so you are able to produce a thin or thick line depending on your personal preference. Although opaque black, you do need to re-apply the applicator into the liquid formula at least twice in order to complete one lash line as it does fade. However, once on the eye there is no smudging or creasing and I have liked using this product.

One thing I did set out to buy was a 4-Phase Professional Nail Buffer so when I saw that KIKO had one I was overjoyed! The four sides should be used in a sequence for naturally smooth, shiny nails. The sides are flat and just the right width for your nail. The file side ensures nails can be filed delicately and efficiently to the shape that you desire, the remove ridges ensure the edges are smooth, the buffing side works amazingly well to even the nail surface so when painting there are no bumps and the shine side produces healthy looking nails that can be left unpainted and still look great.


The last thing, well ‘thing’s’, I picked up were three of their Nail Polishes. From what I can see they don’t have names but I purchased 221 which was a rose/champagne gold shade, 360 which is a super pretty pinky coral shade and 282 which is a bright summery pink shade. I really like these polishes! The formulas are great and the consistency of them is so smooth! The applicator brush is easy to use and the brush itself is flat and wide, perfect for the size of nail beds- quite similar to the Barry M Mani brush. The colour itself is really opaque so in two coats you will have instant colour and great coverage.  The polish applies really nicely and sets really quickly which is amazing because I’m usually always painting my nails in a last minute rush so this minimises the chance of smudges.  The base coat I used was the BarryM 7in1 polish and these together set so solidly that chipping was minimal and I was left with a glossy finish. The rose gold polish has been my absolute favourite and I have worn it pretty much every day since I bought it! It’s just so neutral, goes with everything, adds to a sheek look and matches my staple three bracelets I recently blogged about! I do recommend these nail varnishes!

I wish I could have bought more products to test out- I need to get a job haha! Let me know what products you love from KIKO and any other brands you think I might like to have a look at. I’m off to Brighton this weekend which I’m so excited for so post will be up on Monday or Tuesday. Hope you have a good week.




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