My Top Three Mascaras

Hi guys! Hope you enjoyed reading last week’s post on my January favourites; I really enjoyed writing it and sharing them with you! For this week’s blog post I wanted to talk you through my all-time top three mascaras. All of these are insanely good and I love each one as its own!

The first mascara in question is the ‘Better than Sex’ mascara by one of my favourite brands, Too Faced. I have read many amazing reviews about this product by both celebrities and beauty bloggers and I just felt that I had to order it so I could see for myself what all the fuss was about. I never usually spend money on brand named mascaras because I can usually achieve the look I want with a cheaper drugstore one, but my god was this product worth the cost. The product itself just looks simply stunning. The lux pink packaging engraved with the calligraphic writing really makes the product seem both stylish and classy. The collagen-fuelled formula has been specifically designed to fulfil incredibly intense lashes which can be defined and extended to unbelievable lengths in just two applications. The hourglass-shaped brush is something I have never seen nor used before, however it works wonders. It is able to separate, coat and curl each lash to achieve the most extreme, black, multidimensional lashes to ever be seen.  The mascara is long-wearing and lasts really well without causing any smudging, however, it does has the tendency to sometimes ‘clump’ on the lashes, although this is nothing that a lash-brow groomer can’t quickly fix. The mascara is high-end, but what you pay is what you get and I definitely recommend this one.


Another one of my favourite mascaras at the moment is ‘They’re Real’ by Benefit. I had seen this product before but never really thought much of it, but when it was voted the UK’s best-selling mascara in 2015 (NPD data, 2015), I just knew I had to try it! The product itself looks really intriguing as it has a shiny gunmetal coloured casing with neon orange font writing. The formula is really long-wearing and it has been designed to ensure it won’t smudge or dry out. The mascara adds dramatic length for maximum volume and a visible lift. I also love this mascara because it’s really easy to use- the brush is rather thin and has been designed with many small bristles and a domed tip that can catch even the smallest corner lashes and lengthen them. It is really easy to layer the mascara to fulfil as thick a set of lashes as you desire so it can be used to create a variety of looks. I definitely consider this a ‘top shelf’ mascara as it applies really well and doesn’t flake or fade as time goes on. I am currently using the bold black colour although I feel that the brown coloured mascara is more subtle and would create a more natural look and if you’re feeling braver, you could always try the striking blue shade! The only shortfall of this mascara is that it is rather tricky to get off completely and in my case, a full skin care routine is usually needed to fully remove the mascara and smudges. Nevertheless, while it’s on it looks incredible so I would definitely try this one out if you haven’t already!


The final mascara I wanted to rave about was the ‘Lash Sensational’ mascara by Maybelline. I have read SO many remarkable reviews about this product and first impressions had me asking questions like ‘why?’. I was unsure of whether to try this mascara because I don’t tend to opt for cheap mascaras, especially ones with a plastic applicator brush but I was pleasantly surprised. This mascara is INSANE. I loved it so much, I still love it so much and it has been my go-to mascara ever since I bought it. The casing is metallic pink and really easy to hold and use. The liquid ink formula creates dark black defined lashes that are easy to layer to give a multiplied lash look. The curved applicator brush contains inner bristles that capture even the tiniest of lashes and outer bristles that do all the volumising. The shape of the brush works really well to form a natural shape to the eyes and it totally transforms the whole look.  The mascara applies really evenly and doesn’t ‘clump’ onto either the top or bottom lashes. It’s really great because it leaves a glossy finish and is so easy to get a hold of as it is stocked in most drugstores at a really reasonable price. I adore this so go grab one and at just £7.99 you’d be silly not too!


Right so here’s a quick low down on the mascara’s in terms of costing-

‘Better than Sex’ Mascara, Too Faced- £17.00

Pricey?- Yes

Worth it?- Yes

Would I purchase again?- Most definitely!

‘They’re Real’ Mascara, Benefit– £19.50

Pricey?- Yes

Worth it?- Yes

Would I purchase again?- 100%

‘Lash Sensational’ Mascara, Maybelline- £7.99

Pricey?- No

Worth it?- Yes

Would I purchase again?- Of course

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about my current top three mascaras. Have you tried any of these and if not what’s your favourite? I’d love to try out any new mascaras you may have to recommend! Hope you have a good week and please do click again next Sunday for another post. And just a quick thank you for all the lovely messages I have been getting on this blog- it means so much to me! See you soon and Happy Valentine’s Day!



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