New Look Pure Colour Pure Gel Nail Polishes

Let me first start by saying I’m absolutely loving these gel nail varnishes at the moment and I’d like to thank New Look for sending them to me.

The shade I was sent was the elegantly nude ‘Pure Shell 72’ and the long wear top coat in ‘Crystal 90’. If I’m being honest, I’ve never thought about trying any of New Look’s beauty range offerings before as I didn’t expect much in terms of quality, but these gels are flawless! The formulas are really great and the consistency of the polish itself is really thin and glossy. The applicator brush is the perfect size to give full coverage of the nail bed in just three long strokes. You could definitely get away with one coat if you wanted a natural pale colour but I personally prefer two coats to intensify the colour and allow the polish to really shine.

The polish applies really nicely and sets really quickly which is a complete tick box for me because I’m usually always painting my nails in a last minute rush so this minimizes the chance of smudges. For my light skin it is a perfect neutral shade and has been my go-to ever since it arrived. Personally, I didn’t need a base coat because the polish was easy and safe to take off using a normal acetone-free nail varnish remover. However, if I were to purchase a darker or more vibrant shade I would use a base coat because it would prevent the polish from temporarily staining the nail bed.

The tough, gleaming polish is definitely a fashion staple which provides wearers with a chic (pronounced sheek) look. I think it’s great to wear a colour that isn’t season specific and can be worn all year round. The product is available in 5 colours and the clear top coat is a must in order to achieve a sleek finish. These have lasted on me for 7 days chip-free and still look of a high quality. I find the best way to store these to be in a cool, dark place with a consistent temperature. I would definitely recommend these and at just £3.99 each, what have you got to lose?

I’d just like to say thanks again to New Look for allowing me to test their product and I’d love to try out any new products so comment below what products you think I should try and I promise I’ll get back to you asap with a review! I’ll also let you know what products I am loving at the moment in future blog posts! Thanks for reading, it means so much! If you enjoyed it be sure to give it a like below 🙂



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